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Face Pi Wooden Stretch Bracelet

Image of Face Pi Wooden Stretch Bracelet


Since I was a little kid, I have been filling up notebooks and sketchpads with faces. Recognizing faces on a daily basis is part of what makes us human. I don’t often study the human features, but use memorization and exaggeration to complete my task. Sometimes realistic, often times cartoony, The face is often under-looked as a means to an end in art. To me, face is my brush, everything else is secondary. And if you paint the face enough times, the piece becomes successful. So as it is in this bracelet. The wooden bracelet is made up of what appears to be tiny skateboards or surfboards. Once I envisioned that, it was easy to customize with a topping of face jelly. I created 13 of these bracelets and have sold at least 4. No 2 are exactly alike. They are all signed and numbered. Created with acrylic paint and pen and ink. As always, shipping in the USA is free. Additional views available at: